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The job market for recent college grads is so dismal they are being called "The Lost Generation", victims of a great recession who have fallen behind and may never catch up.

Graduates are seriously stressed, undoubtedly. So, too, are their parents. There are the unemployed of course… and then there are the underemployed. Unable to grab onto the first rung of the career ladder, freshly-minted grads work as waitresses, bartenders, baristas and babysitters - many still living at home. Finally, there are the unhappily employed, grads who are in jobs that just aren't right for them. Clearly, this was not how it was supposed to work.

But doesn't the problem go well beyond the tough job market and a sluggish economy? Doesn’t the problem lie in the job search process itself? Our focus groups of recent graduates certainly think so, describing the world of job boards and hiring agencies as "ineffective, inefficient and insensitive". Perhaps that has been your experience, too. bridgemycareer was created to change all that.

bridgemycareer partners with elite colleges and universities to completely change you’re job search experience. We align students and graduates with employers using a powerful and flexible algorithm, enabling you to...

  • Find meaningful and enjoyable work by aligning your personal attributes with job-specific criteria. Attributes that include academic qualifications; skills and experience; function and industry preferences; location, travel and compensation preferences; interests, attitudes, motivations and interpersonal skills
  • Locate internships that match your preferences
  • For those unsure of their career direction, experiment and explore a range of industries and positions and cities/countries by setting your preferences to project-based assignments.
  • Manage your Bridgemycareer activities from your Twitter account and other social media applications.
  • Provide ratings and feedback on your employer and job experience, and review comments from other Bridgemycareer members on their experiences.
  • And, in the end, assume control of the process and the navigation of your career.

If you are a student or graduate of a Bridgemycareer university partner, you are automatically eligible to become a member. There is no cost… so let's get started...

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